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Women in Leadership - corporate

Image of Haike used for the coaching

Be informed and engaged... about the importance and the strength of women in leadership.

Lecture by Haike Van Dyck, founder of Livewire by Haike and public speaker, on the importance of women in leadership, role models and finding your voice.

This Lecture is put into practice during an engaging workshop with the participants to co-create the rise of Femme Power in their organisation.

Every year we celebrate the achievements of women. But celebrating is not only about champagne, about congratulating each other, about eating a nice cake…

It also remembering who went before us and It‘s mainly about continuing to do the great work… we need spread the femme power on a daily basis…

Speak your own truth. The world needs your femme power!

Image of Haike used for the coaching

Women in Leadership Coaching program = under construction